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A Little bit About us

After being made redundant last year I decided to start up my own business partyigloos

I’ve had loads of support from people and it’s going well so far, I don’t want to be plugging it every 5 mins on my personal page because I have a Facebook page dedicated to what I do but I’d really appreciate if any of you would follow and take 5 mins to have a look at my page and my igloos.

Like many others I’m working my arse off to make this successful and any help from anyone of you is so appreciated!

Social media is a great tool but it’s not better than word of mouth.

Please take a look at my pics, follow my page, share & like if you do like what you see, also please tell others.

Thankfully restrictions are lifting soon but it’s still such a lovely thing to have for an occasion (or if you still hate busy bars!). Hopefully I’ll help you or maybe your friend out with one soon!

Thanks, I’m grateful for your time ???.

Please lads, men, boys, dude friends please help out too your word of mouth is much needed! ??

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