Basic igloo hire with add…..

Basic igloo hire with add…..

Basic igloo hire with add.....

Basic igloo hire with additional bean bags for a movie & sleepover set up. The customer already has all the tech and equipment required to achieve this set up without paying the price for a full package.

We can do as much or as little as you’d like!.

The basic igloos are a great way to hire on a budget or if you do have your own technology? A projector, screen, laptop or smart TV are all good to use.

We always try to provide as much as we can to make your Igloo look and feel as amazing as you are, however when it comes to technology, there are so many amazing different types of new technology which allows you to do this, that we wouldn’t want to limit you to only the tech that we would have.

We’re more than happy to provide the igloo and any furniture you’d like to add in and we ask you to arrange the technology for the cinema/movie aspect yourself.

TIP: ?
For a movie night depending on what equipment you have, a good phone, used with a modern TV can wireless display items from your phone to the TV. (Netflix,Hulu,Prime,Etc).
So check your wifi quality in where you were thinking of having your Igloo, and power point to keep you going for the full hire of course. ?

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